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Laravel Medium

Laravel-Medium bridge for posting data


Anyone who has a working api / package of Kandy.io would be hugly appreciated to see this become available. Kandy.io offers some cool features like co-browsing, chat, messaging, video chat and much more but the laravel app they have public is out of date and quite tricky to get working.

Fresh Book Payment Package

Please create laravel package for fresh book payment integration.

Wiki for laravel 5.4

So i have been looking for a wiki for laravel 5.4 i saw one for 5.3 (mrcore5) but he said he was looking at updating, asked for an ETA and nothing, i dont have the time between school and my job to update it, so anyone know of a decent wiki style plugin for 5.4.* mainly would like something that just plugs in to existing blades, but if it has to be something else willing to do that also, thank you

Need Package for 40 Column Printer using LARAVEL 4.2

Currently we have an option to use ESCPOS by PHP. But its very helpful if anyone create the packages for version 4.2 and 5.*.

Laravel 4.2 with ccAvenue integration

please create a package with integrate cc-avenue payment gateway and explain briefly how to integrate with laravel 4.2

rewards like stackoverflow?

Does anyone know a package that can handel multiple different rewards? It would be great to have badges, different types and also a eloquent object that can be linked to the credit. Some kind of "reason" like at stackoverflow where you're getting different points for posting or answering open questions. Is ther such a package? I've taken a look into laravel-rewardable, but this package have a ton of requirements (hidden in the other requirements) and doesn't have the reason for credits.