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Developer Admin GUI

I'm new to Laravel (jumping in with v5!) and come from a ColdFusion background. ColdFusion has a uniquely powerful tool of a web administrator GUI. So when I think of adding to Laravel, I think of a web interface for things like:

Artisan - view routes, run make commands, etc. All with intuitive and documented forms. Composer - run install updates and require commands. Could tie in with packagist for autofill of package names when installing a new one. Edit config files - view/edit the various Laravel config files.. for example, to turn on debug mode, click the checkbox. Enter database and mail sending credentials, etc. View log files. Configure scheduled tasks / cron - provide a web url that will be hit at a scheduled time. Optional feature of saving the result contents to a file. Update notifications - alerts what composer packages have updates available.

Extended ideas: Git - basic stage and commit, pull and push. Linux - provide current performance metrics Plugin system - a standardized method where other Laravel packages could tie in to the admin interface to add a settings page (similar to how CMS plugins add menus and configuration in a predictable location) Elixir - open a tab that runs gulp on the server, just leave the tab open instead of leaving a console open.

My question is: Does anything like this exist already? Since I'm new to Laravel I'm wondering if building something like this would be duplicated effort.


Eric Freed
2014/10/26 03:47
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