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LaraJobs is built and maintained by UserScape, creators of HelpSpot and Snappy. UserScape founder Ian Landsman knew when he hired Laravel creator Taylor Otwell that he was joining a burgeoning community of web artisans; Laravel has since grown into the most popular PHP project on Github. Whether we’re supporting Taylor’s ongoing development of the Laravel framework, sponsoring the annual Laravel conference, Laracon, or participating in podcasts and newsletters throughout the Laravel community, the team at UserScape loves being part of the Laravel community.

PHP Developer https://larajobs.com/job/828/php-developer



Helix is an innovative brand that is changing the way people sleep. We are direct-to-consumer sleep brand offering individually personalized, custom-made mattresses at a fair price. Backed by sleep technology and built with high quality USA-made materials, we deliver your mattress directly to your doorstep.

Since launching a...

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Back-end Developer https://larajobs.com/job/827/back-end-developer

Apply at &samhoud for the position of Back-end Developer!

At &samhoud we develop and build new apps for the newest techniques. For example, our apps run with Forge Laravel on our DigitalOcean servers and commits of our Node.js app are automatically deployed to Heroku. Furthermore, we love to try new...

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PHP/LAMP/Laravel Web Developer https://larajobs.com/job/826/phplamplaravel-web-developer

The Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence (OCALI) is a state leader with national impact in autism and disability services. Our in-house development team works in a collaborative environment on a wide range of multifaceted and customized projects. We are looking to add a full-time experienced Laravel web developer...

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Seeking Full Time Laravel Developers https://larajobs.com/job/825/seeking-full-time-laravel-developers

Bonk Studios seeks Laravel developers to join the team. Before we bore you with the requirements of this position, why Bonk Studios?

  • We are a small team that throws out the politics, and focuses on developing great technology.
  • Adapting the SCRUM Methodology, your voice will always be heard,...

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Laravel/PHP developer in San Francisco https://larajobs.com/job/824/laravelphp-developer-in-san-francisco

About the Company

Deans & Homer is an Insurance Managing Underwriting Company - essentially, we function like an insurance company - founded in 1856. We are a well-established, successful company specializing in commercial property insurance.

About the Position

We are looking for a developer to help build web applications to...

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Back End / Data Engineer https://larajobs.com/job/823/back-end-data-engineer

Our client is looking for an engineer to work on their data-oriented software. Their engineering team deals with millions of data points daily and is looking for someone interested in working on the difficult integrity, performance, and data access challenges that they are tackling. This position is full-time in their...

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PHP/Laravel Developer https://larajobs.com/job/822/phplaravel-developer

Our backend code is modern, Object-Oriented PHP. The person we’re looking for feels at home in PHP, and should have at least some familiarity with the Laravel framework.

We’re looking for someone with mature, well-formed opinions about modern coding processes and practices. Someone who is passionate, ambitious, reliable and cares...

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BACK-END OR FULL-STACK WEB DEVELOPER https://larajobs.com/job/820/back-end-or-full-stack-web-developer

I. Job Description

Blinked is looking for a senior back-end web developer with 4+ years of experience writing server-side code for web applications, in PHP, preferably using CodeIgniter and/or Laravel. You will work directly with management, as well as client-side iOS, Android, and front-end web developers to help build and...

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Laravel Dusk Webscraping https://larajobs.com/job/819/laravel-dusk-webscraping

Loking for a developer that has experience running multiple Laravel Dusks on linux Headless chrome for scraping. I have a script that uses multiple instances of dusk on a linux cloud computer to scrape information. I had it running by manually starting tests and putting into background but after a...

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Senior Frontend Developer https://larajobs.com/job/817/senior-frontend-developer

What Will I Do?

Build websites that provide seamless user experience across different devices and platforms. Support and empower non-profit organizations and charities in their mission.


  • Transform graphic designs into functional, high-performance websites using HTML, CSS and JavaScript technologies
  • Implement coded designs in a third...

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Senior Backend Developer https://larajobs.com/job/812/senior-backend-developer

At HelloFresh, the past 5 years have seen our mission to change the way people eat explode. So, how did we do it? Our weekly recipe boxes full of exciting recipes and lovingly sourced, fresh ingredients have blossomed into a community of inspired, energised home cooks that expands across the...

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Midweight PHP Developer https://larajobs.com/job/811/midweight-php-developer

A fantastic opportunity has arisen for a Midweight Web Developer to join our award-winning team.

Our proposition is based around helping our clients to create memorable experiences for their customers, and gain a return on their investment in our great range of services.

The way we combine creativity and...

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Angular Developer https://larajobs.com/job/810/angular-developer

We are seeking a talented web developer who is well versed in Angular (1.0 and/or 2.0) and other modern web technologies. We are a startup and are seeking an individual who can work closely with us to help build a custom web application specifically designed for mobile marketing/advertising.

Our company...

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PHP/Laravel Developer https://larajobs.com/job/807/phplaravel-developer

Looking to put your PHP and Laravel expertise to use with some of the largest brands in the country? GoFanbase is looking for a back-end developer who will help build web applications and improve the speed and functionality of our mobile and web applications.

Want to work remote, yet with...

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Web Application Developer https://larajobs.com/job/805/web-application-developer

We are seeking developers experienced with Laravel and Vue.js to help our maturing startup complete one of our flagship products. You will be working with a team of developers and designers to implement our design specification. We are approaching the end of the first of three phases of the project...

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Full Stack Laravel Developer - PHP&Vue.js - Remote - Full Time https://larajobs.com/job/804/full-stack-laravel-developer-phpvuejs-remote-full-time

Xough LTD are seeking an experienced and highly motivated Laravel developer with full-stack knowledge and expert Vue.js experience who can help improve our platform, add new features and realize objectives from our ambitious roadmap.

We are a young startup focused on building exciting solutions on top of the Blockchain technology...

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Senior PHP Developer https://larajobs.com/job/803/senior-php-developer

We are seeking a Senior PHP Developer with a strong object oriented programming background who’s ready to help build web services for a new hardware platform launching this year.

(Open to Full Time, Contract Time, or Part Time applicants).

This position reports to the Vice President and is on our...

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Full Stack Developer https://larajobs.com/job/802/full-stack-developer

~Must Haves~

  • Live in the U.S. (Local to Raleigh a plus!)
  • Solid understanding of Object Oriented Design
  • Extensive experience with PHP, Git and MySQL
  • Experience with Laravel 5 Framework (or another similar framework CakePHP, Symfony, etc.)
  • Experience developing RESTful APIs
  • Experience with the command...

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Full Stack Developer https://larajobs.com/job/799/full-stack-developer

We are hiring a developer to help us convert an excising project built with the ZendFramework to Laravel.

We will be extracting out the core of the current project to an API and run the front-ends of the site independently.

This is one of many projects we have planned and...

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Full Stack Developer at Adobe-San Francisco https://larajobs.com/job/797/full-stack-developer-at-adobe-san-francisco

We are looking for someone who loves building services for the creative professional and implementing features across the full Web Solution Stack – ours is Linux, Nginx, PHP or Node, Postgres using Docker.

You’ll be working as part of a team, creating innovative new features and maintaining existing ones for...

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PHP Developer Advocate https://larajobs.com/job/796/php-developer-advocate

Now a Vonage Company, Nexmo is the emerging leader in the $100B+ cloud communications platform (CPaaS) market. Customers like Airbnb, Viber, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and many others depend on our APIs and SDKs to connect with their customers all over the world.

As a PHP Developer Advocate at Nexmo your main...

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Full Stack - Front & Backend - Laravel w/repository pattern, AngularJS 1 & 2, Sencha, Twig, HTML, CSS, UI/UX, Bootstrap 4, SAP https://larajobs.com/job/729/full-stack-front-backend-laravel-wrepository-pattern-angularjs-1-2-sencha-twig-html-css-uiux-bootstrap-4-sap

Neon Mobile is a Denver, CO, US based software company with offices in Denver, CO, US, Surat, Gujarat, India, and Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, started in 2013. We are building a ground up smart city in Virginia, U.S. and are looking to hire multiple experienced Front End or Full Stack developers to...

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FULL STACK DEVELOPER https://larajobs.com/job/784/full-stack-developer

Pulpomatic will be the employment of your life!

We are a group of ambitious people and we look for development cracks, but above all, people with vision!

Pulpomatic is changing the way in which companies manage their fleet operations. Our ability to effectively manage data in this environment is key...

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Web Programmer https://larajobs.com/job/772/web-programmer

We’ll go ahead and assume that since you’re reading this, your experience is not as a dog catcher or pearl diver. You’re a web programmer, but not just any web programmer. You write irresistible code from scratch, because pre-built WordPress templates are for noobs. You know once you start typing,...

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Front End Developer https://larajobs.com/job/771/front-end-developer

Legend tells of a HTML/CSS/JavaScript Ninja, skilled enough to build flawless user interfaces from scratch. Wielding the power to convert online window shoppers into fanatical customers. Unencumbered by WordPress templates or Bootstrap. Are you the Ninja the legends speak of? If so, we summon you.

Sweetwater is searching for an...

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Front-End Developer https://larajobs.com/job/770/front-end-developer

Looking to put your HTML/CSS/JS and marketing expertise to use with some of the largest brands in the country? GoFanbase is looking for a front-end developer who will help build web applications and improve the UI/UX of our mobile and web applications.

Want to work remote, yet with a team...

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R&D PHP Developer Based in Hertford, UK https://larajobs.com/job/768/rd-php-developer-based-in-hertford-uk

Nimbus Hosting are seeking an experienced PHP Developer to join the team to accelerate the development of new applications and enhance existing ones. The job involves working on internal projects rather than working for end clients. The successful candidate will have proven PHP development skills.

Skills required:

Strong knowledge of...

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PHP/Laravel Developer https://larajobs.com/job/766/phplaravel-developer

We're hiring a PHP developer to help us with maintaining and updating our website that is currently built in Laravel.

We work in a very light and fun environment where we play as hard as we work. We've got a gym in the office, as well as multiple pinball machines...

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Junior/Senior Laravel Developer https://larajobs.com/job/763/juniorsenior-laravel-developer

We are seeking a junior to senior full stack developer experienced with the LAMP stack and developing high performance websites. The position will be in charge of developing and maintaining web properties focused on lead generation. We are looking for someone that is just as passionate about efficiency and accountability...

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Full Stack Developer https://larajobs.com/job/762/full-stack-developer

MyShopManager.com is seeking a full stack developer interested in working in a fast-paced startup environment. If you are looking for boring repetitive work, this is NOT the job for you. The applicant's primary responsibility will be to lead development of the new features mentioned below, integrate with various APIs, and...

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Lead and Middleweight Laravel Developers, UK https://larajobs.com/job/759/lead-and-middleweight-laravel-developers-uk

We’re looking for a passionate Web Developer to join our award winning Digital team. You’ll work on innovative digital solutions for exciting high profile clients like EE, Jaguar Land Rover, Sainsbury’s, and Lloyds Banking Group.

You’ll join our development team and make an essential contribution to our key projects. Working...

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Senior PHP Developer https://larajobs.com/job/757/senior-php-developer

We are a web development studio and digital marketing agency based in the heart of Somerset and have received international industry recognition for our work.

Our clients choose us because they don't want off-the-shelf, outsourcing, or locked-in proprietary systems; they appreciate our high levels of technical expertise and ability to...

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Laravel dev for one month app build https://larajobs.com/job/756/laravel-dev-for-one-month-app-build

A startup is looking for an experienced Laravel developer to create both the backend API and web frontend for a Laravel Spark project. The application architecture is already defined, as is the front end design. Your role will be to develop the backend to serve HTML pages, which are populated...

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